Monday, October 02, 2006

Voters Pamphlet Statement in Favor

Problem: The pick-a-party primary imposed by the courts in 2004.

Solution: Amendment 3, which replaces the pick-a-party primary with a court-tested solution – instant runoff voting.

Benefits: Amendment 3 restores the choices we had with Washington's traditional blanket primary by allowing voters to rank any candidates regardless of party affiliation. Candidates are elected by instant runoff voting in one high turnout election in November and need a majority of votes to win. A single ranked ballot election eliminates "spoiler" problems and results in shorter campaigns and less money in politics. Candidates will have incentive to focus on issues instead of running attack ads. Overseas military voters won't need to submit separate primary and general election ballots.

Endorsements: Amendment 3 is supported by the League of Women Voters and community leaders and elected officials from major parties, minor parties, independents and the Farm Bureau. Amendment 3 means better democracy.

Kelly Haughton, Mike Venuto, Jim Walton

Voters Pamphlet Statement Against

The nominating Primaries and General elections have served voters, candidates and our political system well for many decades. Both major political Parties strongly oppose IRV because its primary purpose is to weaken and destroy the political Parties which are essential to representative government. Informed voters are crucial to our electoral process; but they depend on the political Parties to recruit, develop, train, promote, and support candidates and public policies which individual voters cannot possibly accomplish for themselves. The Parties also sponsor public forums; “get out the vote;” monitor elections; hold politicians accountable. IRV would destroy the life-blood of our political system at enormous unnecessary expense. Voting for multiple unknown, untested candidates only at the General election would require multiple ballots, cause confusion and delay election results. The scheme was rejected by the 1996 Charter Review Commission. It should be rejected again.

Burt L. Talcott, Beckie Summers, Kevin Wimsett

Voters Pamphlet Rebuttal of Statement Against

Amendment 3's purpose is to restore the voter choice of our traditional blanket primary by replacing the unpopular pick-a-party primary. Party insiders may like pick-a-party primaries, but Washington voters do not.

Amendment 3 allows us to support any candidate regardless of party affiliation in one majority vote election. Parties still play a useful role, but we the people make the choices needed to hold government accountable. Amendment 3 means efficient, voter-friendly elections.

Kelly Haughton, Mike Venuto and Jim Walton

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Voters Pamphlet Rebuttal of Statement For

This amendment will not end the pick-a-party system. State law regulates how elections are run. The pick-a-party system will still be in place whether this amendment is passed or not. This amendment applies to only certain positions in the county. With the change of one person, one vote and the further manipulation of ballots this is an expensive experiment that voters should not take a chance on. Vote No.

Burt Talcott, Beckie Summers, Kevin Wimsett