Monday, October 02, 2006

Voters Pamphlet Statement in Favor

Problem: The pick-a-party primary imposed by the courts in 2004.

Solution: Amendment 3, which replaces the pick-a-party primary with a court-tested solution – instant runoff voting.

Benefits: Amendment 3 restores the choices we had with Washington's traditional blanket primary by allowing voters to rank any candidates regardless of party affiliation. Candidates are elected by instant runoff voting in one high turnout election in November and need a majority of votes to win. A single ranked ballot election eliminates "spoiler" problems and results in shorter campaigns and less money in politics. Candidates will have incentive to focus on issues instead of running attack ads. Overseas military voters won't need to submit separate primary and general election ballots.

Endorsements: Amendment 3 is supported by the League of Women Voters and community leaders and elected officials from major parties, minor parties, independents and the Farm Bureau. Amendment 3 means better democracy.

Kelly Haughton, Mike Venuto, Jim Walton


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