Tuesday, September 11, 2007

California Passes Local Option IRV bill

The California State Assembly has passed local option IRV bill (AB 1294). It has also passed the State Senate now. This bill would allow local jurisdictions such as cities and counties to elect their public officials using IRV.

Ballot Access News writes this is the first time such legislation has passed one of the state houses.

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At 3:36 PM, Blogger Bob Richard said...

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has until October 14 to sign or veto AB 1294.

Under California law, cities and counties with home rule charters can already adopt IRV and choice voting (IRV's sibling for multi-seat elections). But 44 of 58 counties, and 369 of 477 cities, cannot because they don't have charters. The bill would rectify this.

Almost as important, AB 1294 would help charter counties that want to implement IRV by establishing statewide standards for counting the votes and reporting the results.

Needless to say, electoral reform activists in California are working hard to insure the Governor's signature.


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