Monday, September 01, 2008

Why are you running for Assessor-Treasurer?

Each candidate for Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer in 2008 was asked "Why are you running?" Below are their answers in order of the candidates' appearance on the ballot.

Dale Washam: Did not answer.

Terry Lee: After 30 years in the private sector overseeing multimillion dollar projects and 24 years in the public sector dealing with land use, I feel that I am the most qualified candidate running. I believe that I could build a bridge between the Assessor/Treasurer's Office and the citizens of Pierce County. I would like to see the implementation of a Property Tax Advisor, a position I created in the 2008 budget to help citizens who are appealing their tax assessments.

I would like to expand our Current Use Assessment program to provide additional property tax relief for addressing shoreline pollution problems, I would like to continue to work with our legislature as I did in 2007 and 2008 to get property tax relief for citizens negatively affected by the Growth Management Act. I would like to be more responsive and available as your Assessor.

Jan Shabro: I am running because I have the administrative skills necessary for the job, I want a customer-friendly experience for the taxpayer, and I want to be an effective advocate for the people to lower property taxes.

Bernardo Tuma: Did not answer.

Barbara Gelman:
The Assessor-Treasurer’s Office is the only office in the County that touches every property owner. It is essential that the person selected by the voters is people-oriented and customer service focused! For
over 20 years in public service, customer service has been my number
one priority. I know the good you can do effectively running the Office
of Assessor-Treasurer as I have done it! And.... I love the job.

When elected, I will continue to support and improve the systems that
provide good customer service and will reach out to our senior
population, those that are disabled, as well as the various taxing
districts, businesses, and citizens. I also commit to assist taxpayers
every step of the way if they choose to appeal their assessments to the
Equalization Board.

Beverly Davidson: While serving as commissioner on the Pierce County Charter Review Commission I heard complaints about the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer's office. I realized I could give the taxpayers better service with my knowledge.

I worked in the Assessor-Treasurer's office for 16 years (1986 to 2003) under four different elected officials. My responsibilities allowed me to have hands-on knowledge of all aspects of the office including the department budget. I saw what was needed and expected from the taxpayer's point of view.

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