Monday, September 22, 2008

Merrival and Rose Urge Voters to Use Their Choices

By Carolyn Merrival and Al Rose

As candidates for the District #2 seat on the Pierce County Council, we recommend to voters that they list both their first and second choices in this race.

Al Rose recommends Al Rose as first choice and Carolyn Merrival as second choice. Al Rose is the first choice for County Council #2 because he offers a fresh, new approach to the many challenges we face in our community. A lifelong resident of Pierce County, Al understands what we expect from our elected officials and as a prosecutor and the chair of the Pierce County Library Board, he knows first-hand what it takes to get things done. Whether it's cost-effective government, safer neighborhoods, protecting our kids, improving our roads, or planning for responsible growth, Al Rose is ready to work together with others, and deliver real results for the citizens of the Council District #2.

Carolyn Merrival recommends Carolyn Merrival as first choice and Al Rose as second choice. Carolyn Merrival will bring a fresh perspective to the council that is sorely lacking. She feels that for a long time now, the council has been listening to the wrong voices. They have been listening to the voices of special interests such as the developers rather than the voices of their constituents. She wants them to start listening to the voices of the families who make Pierce County home. She interacts daily with families of diverse social, political and economic circumstances and can represent you well on the council. Choose Carolyn Merrival as your first choice to be a Voice for Families on the Pierce County Council.

This race is a Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) election where voters are allowed to list up to three choices. Listing a second choice will not reduce the chance of your first choice winning.

Since there are three strong candidates in this race, the winner is likely to need a combination of first choices and second choices in order to obtain a majority of votes. By taking our recommendation, you will increase the chance that one or the other of us will win.

Bloggers Note: For more on this race, see this posting.



At 11:37 PM, Blogger Scott said...

interesting. The main point here is that these RCV system really opens the door to a broader view of what the people want in a representative. Even with deals like this, which is the equal to holding a friends place in line in junior high school, it will be an interesting race. THX for the info Kelly!



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