Monday, October 06, 2008

King County Council votes to study IRV/RCV by 5-3

Note: Brie Gyncild attended the King County Council meeting today and files this report to fans of RCV.

Hi all,

Several of us attended the King County Council meeting this afternoon, and IRV has moved to the next phase in this county. Bob Ferguson introduced the legislation and shepherded it through Larry Gossett's committee. Today, Dow Constantine spoke eloquently in favor of IRV just before the vote.

Our folks, Rich Anderson-Connolly and Brita Butler-Wall spoke in favor of the motion. Technically, no one was supposed to speak, but because we'd been misinformed, they let a couple of us slip in.

From here, the Citizens Election Oversight Committee takes up the issue. The committee is tasked with evaluating IRV, identifying pros and cons, and reporting back to the Council by January 2, 2010. Councilmember Ferguson came out and spoke with us for a moment after the vote, and he told us that the Council holds the CEOC in high esteem. He says they're a good group of people who do their work well, and that the Council almost without exception accepts their recommendations. He also said the CEOC would want to talk with us, of course.

And we know now where we have work to do before the Council eventually votes, assuming the CEOC recommends moving forward with IRV. Strong supporters appear to be Councilmembers Ferguson and Constantine (who worked on this issue in the state leg). Other aye votes were Councilmembers Gossett, Phillips, and Patterson. Nay votes came from Councilmembers Dunn, Hague, and Von Reichbauer. Councilmember Lambert was absent.

We're one more step forward on this lengthy process!




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