Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Andrew Bacon Letter to Pierce County Council

Greetings to my friends on the Pierce County Council, and think you for all your hard work and service to our county.

I'm writing today in support of Ranked Choice Voting. I support Ranked Choice Voting for the following reasons:

· Ranked Choice Voting more accurately reflects the will of the voting citizens of the county.

· Ranked Choice Voting allows for a wider variety of candidates, since no one candidate can be considered a "spoiler".

· Ranked Choice Voting eliminates the need for a separate runoff election, should a plurality not be sufficient for the particular office at question, now or in the future.

· Ranked Choice Voting achieves the same goal as holding runoff elections, while eliminating the additional costs associated with repeated balloting.

· Ranked Choice Voting has twice been approved by the citizens of Pierce County.

I very much appreciate your consideration, and of course am available to any council or council staff member who might wish to discuss the matter. Please feel free to contact me using the information below at your convenience.

Thank you,

Andrew Bacon

CEO . General Manager

The Information Technology Consultancy

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