Monday, February 16, 2009

Pierce County should let ranked-choice voting stand

There have been a series of media pieces about the proposed charter amendment to repeal Ranked Choice Voting in Pierce County. Today, the Seattle Times editorial opines that Pierce County should let Ranked Choice Voting stand.

"The Pierce County Council should stop trying to kill its constituents' chosen election system, ranked-choice voting. Voters embraced ranked-choice voting by a vote and then rejected a subsequent attempt to kill it. Let the voters have their way."

In addition, the League of Women Voters in Tacoma-Pierce County opined in favor of keeping RCV. The Daily Weekly and KUOW also had pieces on the controversy.

Much of the coverage suggests that RCV should be kept to improve voter choice. Of course, many of the opponents assert that voters are confused by "too many candidates on the ballot". This "too many candidates on the ballot" argument is primarily put forth by establishment politicians who want to discourage voter choice.

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