Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How Many Choices?

The Reject Amendment 3 campaign in Pierce County believes voters deserve the opportunity to choose between more candidates on the ballot. The incumbent led Pierce County Better Government League (PCBGL) and Secretary of State Sam Reed have come out in favor of fewer candidates and fewer choices. In particular, the proponents of Amendment believe voters should have a maximum of two choices on the ballot and want us to shift to a system of voting which about 50% of the time results in only one candidate on the ballot.

In 2006, there were five county level positions on the ballot. Five incumbents were running for re-election. Four of the incumbents had no opposition. The remaining incumbent had only a token opponent.

In 2008, due to the combination of term limits and ranked choice voting, there were 22 candidates for seven positions. Three incumbents running for re-election all had opponents. The County Executive race was the most competitive race in a long time in Pierce County. The competition was strong and voters had choices.

Incumbent county politicians want to go back to the bad old days of 2006. For 2010, they want a re-run of the 2006 election. They want to rig the system in their own personal favor.

To accomplish this, they have put on the ballot charter amendments 1, 2 and 3. These amendments would extend the term limits of the politicians who put the amendments on the ballot, so that they can run for another term and move us back to a system that discourages candidates from running. Voters should reject all three amendments.

Below is a listing of candidates in major races in Pierce County this year. About half of the races have just one candidate. About half of the races have just two candidates. One race, the ranked choice voting race, has three candidates. The incumbent politicians prefer to go back to the system which limits the number of candidates to a maximum of two and about half of the time results in uncontested races. Voters who like more choices should reject all three charter amendments in Pierce County.

Candidates for Auditor: Jan Shabro, Julie Anderson, Will Baker
Candidates for Port Commissioner #1: Connie Bacon, Bill Casper
Candidates for Port Commissioner #2: Charles Kelly Cresco, Dick Marzano
Candidates for Port Commissioner #3: Don Meyer, Cathy Pearsall-Stipek
Candidates for Auburn Mayor: Pete Lewis, Virginia Hagen
Candidates for Auburn City Council #2: Gene Cerino, John T. Partridge
Candidate for Auburn City Council #4: Nancy Backus
Candidate for Auburn City Council #6: Rich Wagner
Candidate for Bonney Lake Mayor: Neil Johnson
Candidate for Bonney Lake At Large #1: Lynda Dabson, Randy McKibbin
Candidate for Bonney Lake Ward #1: Andy Gomen, Dan Swatman
Candidate for Bonney Lake Ward #4: David Bowen, Donn M. Lewis
Candidate for Buckley Mayor: Pat Johnson
Candidate for Buckley Council: Randy Reed
Candidates for Buckley Council #2: Cristi Boyle Barrett, Marvin Sundstrom
Candidate for Buckley Council #3: Doug Harple
Candidate for Buckley Council #5: Melissa B. Patson
Candidate for Buckley Council #7: Bryan Howard, Mark McNally
Candidate for Carbonado Council #1: Sandi Carlson, Joseph E. King
Candidate for Carbonado Council #2: Kevin M. Vesey
Candidate for Dupont Council #1: Linda B. Cumberbatch, Roger Westman
Candidate for Dupont Council #2: Michael Grayum
Candidate for Dupont Council #3: John Ehrenreich
Candidate for Dupont Council #6: Jim Hills, Vicky Marin
Candidate for Dupont Council #7: Larry Wilcox, Jason Pierce
Candidates for Eatonville Mayor: Ray Harper, Brenden Pierce
Candidates for Eatonville Council #1: Gordon B. Bowman, Brian M. Gacke
Candidate for Eatonville Council #2: Robert E. Schaub
Candidate for Edgewood Council #3: Jeffery Hogan
Candidate for Edgewood Council #4: Daryl Eidinger
Candidates for Edgewood Council #5: Donna J. O'Ravez, John F. Powers
Candidates for Edgewood Council #6: Dave Olson, Colleen Wise
Candidates for Fife Council #3: Carole Sue Braaten, Glenn E. Hull, Jr.
Candidate for Fife Council #6: Nancy L. deBooy
Candidate for Fife Council #7: Donald Alveshere
Candidates for Fircrest Council #1: Chris Case, Matthew P. Jolibois
Candidates for Fircrest Council #2: Chris Gruver
Candidates for Fircrest Council #6: Hans Hechtman, Denny Waltier
Candidate for Fircrest Council #7: Kathy L. McVay
Candidate for Gig Harbor Mayor: Chuck Hunter
Candidates for Gig Harbor Council #1: Mark Hoppen, Tim Payne
Candidate for Gig Harbor Council #2: Steven K. Ekberg
Candidates for Gig Harbor Council #3: Ken Asplund, Derek M. Young
Candidate for Gig Harbor Council #7: Paul L. Kadzik
Candidates for Lakewood Council #1: Mary Moss, Darrel Shiley
Candidates for Lakewood Council #2: Mike Brandstetter, Connie Coleman Lacadie
Candidates for Lakewood Council #3: Sam Ross, Jason Whalen
Candidates for Lakewood Council #5: Doug Richardson
Candidates for Milton Mayor: Leonard Sanderson, Katrina Asay
Candidates for Milton Council #1: Terry Borek, Debra Perry
Candidates for Milton Council #2: Bart L. Taylor
Candidate for Milton Council #3: Bryan W. Ott
Candidate for Milton Councl #5: Todd Morton
Candidates for Orting Mayor: Kim Farnes, Cheryl M. Temple
Candidate for Orting Council #1: Joachim (Joe) Pestinger
Candidate for Orting Council #2: Stanley Holland
Candidate for Orting Council #3: Tyler Coughlin
Candidate for Orting Council #4: Nicola McDonald
Candidates for Orting Council #7: Scott A. Drennen, Tamara M. Potter
Candidates for Pacific Council #2: Barbara C. Lourdes, John C. Jones
Candidate for Pacific Council #4: Leanne Guier
Candidates for Pacific Council #5: Kevin M. Cline, James McMahan
Candidate for Pacific Council #7: Tren Walker
Candidate for Puyallup City Council District #1: Tony Aho, George D. Dill
Candidates for Puyallup City Council District #2: Rick Hansen, Christopher B. Taylor
Candidates for Puyallup City Council District #3: John Alexander, Kent Boyle
Candidate for Roy Mayor: Karen E. Yates
Candidate for Roy Council Position #1: Charles H. Chappell
Candidate for Roy Council Position #3: Ray Bourne
Candidate for Roy Council Position #5: Leon E. Garrison
Candidate for Ruston Mayor: Bruce Hopkins
Candidate for Ruston Council #1: Lyle Hardin
Candidate for Ruston Council #2: Deborah Kristovich
Candidate for Ruston Council #4: Bryan Ficiala, Jane Krock Hunt
Candidate for South Prarie Mayor: Peggy Levesque
Candidate for South Prarie Council #3: Dave Lykstad
Candidate for South Prarie Council #5: Laura Heideman
Candidate for Steilacoom Mayor: Ron Lucas
Candidate for Steilacoom Council #1: Lowell G. Bier
Candidate for Steilacoom Council #2: Marion V. Smith
Candidate for Steilacoom Council #3: Connie Aboubakr, Steven L. Stovall
Candidates for Sumner Mayor: Dave Enslow, Matthew Richardson
Candidates for Sumner Council #1: Ed Hannus, Stuart L. Scheuerman
Candidate for Sumner Council #2: Randy Hynek
Candidate for Sumner Council #3: Steve Allsop
Candidates for Tacoma Mayor: Jim Merritt, Marilyn Strickland
Candidates for Tacoma City Council #6: Keven Rojecki, Victoria R. Woodards
Candidates for Tacoma City Council District #2: Jake Fey
Candidates for Tacoma City Council District #4: Roxanne Murphy, Marty Campbell
Candidates for Tacoma City Council District #5: Beckie Summers Kirby, Joe Lonergan
Candidates for Tacoma Civil Service Position #1: Mark Craypo, Charles N. McKenna
Candidates for University Place Council #1: Javier Figueroa, Linda Bird
Candidates for University Place Council #3: Eric Choiniere, Lorna Smith
Candidates for University Place Council #4: Ken J. Grassi, Carl J. Mollnow
Candidates for University Place Council #5: Rose Ehart, Denise McCluskey
Candidates for Tacoma School District #2: Jerry Thorpe, Catherine Ushka-Hall



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