Wednesday, October 14, 2009

King County and the Top 1

King County has five County Council seats up for election this year. There are five incumbents running for re-election in this odd-numbered year election. Four of the five incumbents are running in uncontested elections. Krist Novoselic, Chair of FairVote, observes that the members of the King County Council have achieved incumbent nirvana, the Top 1.

The incumbent members of the Pierce County Council must surely view this with envy. They have sponsored a series of charter amendments which will have the net effect of moving Pierce County towards this incumbent nirvana. Voters are not confused by multiple candidates. The results are known before the election occurs. Incumbents stay in office as long as they want without competition.

Reject all three charter amendments. No rigging the system.

Voters want choices. The Top 1 is not democracy.



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