Sunday, February 11, 2007

2005 Primary Election Allocated Costs for Pierce County

SB 6000 and its companion HB 2202 will allow cities and other local taxing entities to use IRV to elect their officials and eliminate their primary. For comparison, we show below the allocated costs from the last primary for these entities.

The total allocated cost for the entire county including all jurisdictions was $664,704.00.

Pierce County ----------$257,647.45
City of Bonney Lake -------$5,131.68
City of Buckley -------------$1,572.44
City of Dupont -------------$1,583.39
City of Edgewood ---------$4,090.27

City of Gig Harbor --------$2,790.43
City of Lakewood ---------$18,476.76
City of Milton --------------$2,194.97
City of Orting --------------$1,630.44
City of Sumner ------------$3,077.21

City of Tacoma -----------$64,052.26
Town of Wilkeson -----------$188.82
SD01 Steilacoom -----------$6,211.12
SD10 Tacoma ------------$69,100.81
SD320 Sumner -----------$14,491.54

Fire Dist. #2 --------------$19,474.36
Fire Dist. #6 --------------$49,991.21
Fire Dist. #15 --------------$2,705.36
Fire Dist. #16 --------------$6,184.05
Fire Dist. #17 --------------$3,711.98

Fire Dist. #18 --------------$2,362.52
Fire Dist. #21 -------------$16,580.17
Key Peninsula Parks ------$6,184.05
Metro. Parks Tacoma ---$65,101.41

Please note that Pierce County's charge was due to the Charter Review Commission races. With the change in the charter, there will no longer be a primary for these races. Thus, the county will not be sharing in the cost allocation in the future.



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