Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Implementation of Ranked Choice Voting in Pierce County

There has been a variety of pieces in the News Tribune on the subject of the implementation of ranked choice voting over the last couple of weeks.

Professor Richard Anderson-Connolly voices optimism about the successful implementation of ranked choice voting in Pierce County. While he is frustrated by some of the details, he is looking forward to being able to rank candidates in the 2008 election.

Erika Cranmer felt that Anderson-Connolly was too critical of Auditor McCarthy and believes McCarthy and the Blue Ribbon Review Panel on Ranked Choice Voting did a good job.

Cranmer points out that we will be using ranked choice voting only for county level offices. In my letter to the editor, I agree with Cranmer that it would be better if ranked choice voting were used on a statewide basis, but believe that the Auditor is making good progress towards implementation.


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