Thursday, April 17, 2008

Democratic and Republican candidates for Pierce County offices in 2008

Over this last weekend, the Democratic and Republican parties of Pierce County chose those candidates which can use their names on the ballot for the partisan Ranked Choice Voting elections in Pierce County in 2008.

Pierce County Executive

Shawn Bunney (R), Calvin Goings (D), Pat McCarthy (D)

County Council, District #2

Joyce McDonald (R), Carolyn Merrival (D), Allen Rose (D)

Council, District #3

Roger Bush* (R), Bruce Lachney (D)

Council, District #4

Tim Farrell* (D)

Council, District #6

Dick Muri* (R), Vincent Stewart (D)

* denotes incumbent

In addition, we may well see Libertarian, Green or independent candidates. Mike Lonergan has announced as an independent candidate for County Executive. As of this writing, we believe he is still in the race. The Libertarians hold their convention this weekend in Titlow Lodge.

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