Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mike Lonergan: Executive Excellence candidate for Pierce County Executive

For more information about the County Executive race, see here.

Mike Lonergan is the Executive Excellence candidate for Pierce County Executive and a sitting member of the Tacoma City Council. Lonergan's campaign emphasizes his experience as CEO of various non-profit organizations plus his stands on social justice. Lonergan asserts he has more executive experience than any other candidate in the race. In his role on the Tacoma City Council, Lonergan has participated in a wide variety of regional boards and committees, so his experience in government is extensive as well.

Due to the new Top 2 election system in the state of Washington, amongst state level races, there are no significant third party candidacies on the ballot in November. Lonergan is running in a Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) race and, as a result, can ask for people to vote for him as their first choice and major party candidates as their second and third choices. Lonergan is not having to face the "wasted vote" argument in his campaign. This allows Lonergan to focus on the issues rather than the argument that "you don't stand a chance". List Lonergan as your first choice, if you believe he is the best candidate. Recognize that he just might win if he receives enough first and second choices.

Lonergan's campaign has had a vigorous yard sign component, just like the other three candidates in the race. Lonergan has participated in all of the debates and candidate forums around the county. He is clearly knowledgeable about the issues facing the County Executive and merits serious consideration for one of your choices, if not your first choice.

Lonergan has added to the quality of the debate in this race and deserves serious consideration. For many, his stands on the issues mean he will not be their first choice, but the same can be said of other candidates in the race. List your first, second and third choices in the Pierce County Executive race. Those second and third choices will likely have an impact on the winner of this race.



At 5:48 PM, Anonymous Carl said...

It was disappointing to see the News Tribune editorial board pick apart the other candidates on legitimate, job-related concerns. One doesn't have a good record on growth management, but he is first. Another demonstrates a vagueness on the issues a County Executive would face, but she is second. The other major party candidate has manic energy and is a good campaigner, but doesn't play well with others.

Then they came to Mike Lonergan and couldn't say a single bad thing about him as it relates to the job...the only thing they could say is that he lacked the backing of a major party and they wrote him off with the call.

I was disappointed that the paper had a chance to support who I believe to be the best candidate - the only one with experiences in all phases of government services AND extensive management experience - and they chose not to take a stand and bravely endorse a minor party candidate.

I am glad that we have the RCV that stripped the major parties of some of their power by allowing an extraordinarly qualified candidate to mount a fight without their backing.

At 5:50 PM, Anonymous Carl said...

P.S. Thank you, Mr. Haughton for hosting this discussion - it certainly is an important one to have and you have facilitated it well.


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