Sunday, August 16, 2009

Too bad for the taxpayers; too bad for the Port

Today I will sit down with my ballot for the Tuesday primary. It has a single race on it, for Port of Tacoma commissioner.

The only function of my vote is to eliminate one of the three candidates (Bernardo Tuma, Connie Bacon, or Bill Casper) so that voters will have only two candidates on their ballots in November.

More than 130,000 voters around the county are in the same position. Most of them are likely to decide this is not worth the effort or the stamp.

Printing and postage for these 130,000 ballots is not cheap. In addition, the Pierce County Elections Department has hired poll workers and will open polling locations Tuesday for all of the precincts, including those 146 precincts where only the port race is on the ballot. Some precincts will likely experience less than 10 percent turnout.

Is there a better way? Yes. We can see the better way here in Pierce County this November.

To read more, see here.

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