Sunday, October 18, 2009

Julie Anderson - First Choice for Auditor

In the special election for Pierce County Auditor, our first choice is Julie Anderson, second choice is Jan Shabro and third choice is Will Baker.

Julie Anderson, current Deputy Mayor of Tacoma, has promised to manage expenses aggressively, cutting down on election expenses in particular. We like Anderson's experience and can do approach to the job. Anderson is our first choice. Jan Shabro, the current Auditor, has done such a poor job of managing expenses in her brief time in office that we can only list her as the second choice. Will Baker is a perennial candidate who would be a disaster as an Auditor. He, therefore, is our last choice.

Yesterday, I received my ballot for this election in the mail. There were two ballot cards in the package, both with huge amounts of wasted space. Of course, there were big unnecessary printing, postage and paper expenses associated with this ballot design. These large expenses were incurred while the Auditor's office was focused on relatively small expense reductions associated with reducing the number of words in the candidate statements and closing the polls. Shabro's poor leadership on this issue means she can not be our first choice.

Fortunately, Anderson is advocating aggressively managing vendor expenses to save money for the county. Anderson is also more willing to accept ideas from experts outside of her own group of associates. Searching more broadly for ideas on how to save money is generally going to allow you to accomplish this task more effectively. We enthusiastically endorse Julie Anderson as our first choice.



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