Saturday, February 24, 2007

House Bill 2202 hearing before House Local Government Committee

The House Local Government Committee held a hearing on HB 2202 on February 22. Toni McKinley and Kelly Haughton testified on behalf of Rep. Richard Curtis' bill. Time was tight and the testimony was uneventful.

Representatives from the Secretary of State's office and the Association of County Auditors spoke against the bill. They seemed to be concerned that since voters are confused by the pick-a-party primary, voters need to continue using this failed system rather than trying alternatives.

The voters are ready to move on. HB 2202 simply provides local entities in Pierce County to try an alternative to our current failed system. We hope this bill continues to move through the process. Kudos to Representatives Curtis, Simpson, Moeller, Seaquist and Lantz for sponsoring this bill.



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