Sunday, April 20, 2008

State Democrats Don't Like Top 2 --- Next Stop RCV??

Statement on Sam Reed's "Eliminate Choice" Ballot

SEATTLE – In response to Secretary of State Sam Reed's release of rules regarding I-872, Washington State Democratic Party Chairman Dwight Pelz issued the following statement:

"Today, Sam Reed made it official that Washington state has outlawed minor parties. The Libertarian, Green, Independent, and Progressive parties can sell their office furniture and computers, because they will never again see their names on a meaningful ballot in our state. Dishonestly framed under the auspices of promoting choice, Sam Reed's Top Two annihilates voters' right to choose among a wide range of candidates and the ideas they represent.
"In 2006 there were five parties to choose from in the US Senate race – Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, and Independent. If that election were held today, under Sam Reed's Eliminate Choice rules, you would be free to choose between Mike McGavick and Maria Cantwell. If you are a Libertarian or Green or Independent you no longer have any choice. Reed describes his ballot as a blow to the Democratic and Republican parties, when in fact it insures they will be the only two parties considered in Washington.

"Part of our political heritage in America has been the right to cast a protest vote. That right no longer exists in Washington state. Moreover, Sam Reed is also now promoting the same system that nominated David Duke in a Louisiana governor's race, with no opportunity or ability for the Republican Party to clarify the former Klansman isn't a Republican.

"Starting today, under Sam Reed's Eliminate Choice rules, a Republican in Seattle will be free to choose between two Democratic candidates for the legislature, while a Democrat in Ritzville will be free to choose one of two Republican choices for the legislature.

Kelly Steele

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