Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barbara Gelman for Assessor-Treasurer

For more information about the Assessor-Treasurer race, see here.

By Barbara Gelman

Thank you for the opportunity to provide additional information on why I am asking for your vote as the next Pierce County Assessor Treasurer.

I have spent the last 20 plus years in public service representing the citizens of Pierce County. For eight of those years, I served as Assessor-Treasurer (AT). My knowledge of the RCW’s, State Department of Revenue, and County processes and procedures relating to the AT Office, place me well above any other candidate in terms of background and experience. I will be a ble to hit the ground running from day one. No on-the-job training will be required.

I also still have strong relationships with staff within the Assessor-Treasurer’s Office. I have a reputation for hiring good people and establishing clear and comprehensive policies and procedures. I worked hard to ensure that systems were in place to help employees do their work more efficiently, and to make sure information was available for the public easily and quickly.

Additionally, it is widely acknowledged that Customer Service is my number one priority. I believe in an open-door policy and will commit to making my office accessible to all the citizens of Pierce County. We are there to serve you! During my tenure, the Assessor-Treasurer’s Office was recognized for its customer service and customer friendly atmosphere. If elected, I will commit to insuring that attit ude is reinstated.

I will also work hard to assure the taxpayers of Pierce County that over $89 billion work of assessed property is fairly, accurately, and honestly appraised. Nobody should pay more than they are legally responsible…not one penny more! I will also pledge to offer assistance with the appeal process for any citizen who believes their appraisal is too high.

I will be honored to receive your vote.

Thank you,

Barbara Gelman

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