Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jan Shabro for Assessor-Treasurer

By Jan Shabro

People should vote for me, Jan Shabro, as their next Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer because:

I have both the experience and credentials to be a good administrator.

I have a Masters degree in Administration from Pacific Lutheran University. In the private sector, I served both as manager of a successful business and instructor to middle management at Boeing. In the public arena, I was a school teacher who instructed hundreds of students, conferenced with parents and collaborated with colleagues. I was elected twice as a Pierce County Council member and served as both chair of the council and various committees. I served four years as a state representative. My peers elected me as caucus chair where I presided over meetings as we analyzed complex legislation. And I dealt with a variety of staff issues.

I will work for customer satisfaction.

When elected, I will convene a committee of citizens to find ways to make the office more customer friendly. We will investigate ways to: make online tax payment more affordable (currently there’s a 2% charge for each transaction); remind people to pay their property taxes on time and avoid costly fines; effectively educate people in the appeal process when they disagree with their assessments; and other issues that concern citizens.

I will advocate for lower property taxes.

I will be a strong advocate for you, the taxpayer. As a state legislator, I voted against legislation that would raise your property taxes and voted for laws that would lower property taxes. And, as your next Assessor-Treasurer I will continue to fight for state laws that provide property tax relief.

Consequently, with my administrative experience, commitment to customer satisfaction, and pledge to work for lower property taxes, I, Jan Shabro, am your first choice for Asssessor-Treasurer.



At 5:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When did you get your PLU degree? Is it business administration or public administration>


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