Friday, June 06, 2008

Candidate Filings in Pierce County RCV elections

For more information about the County Executive race, see here.

For more information about the County Assessor-Treasurer race, see here.

Pierce County will be using Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) to elect its county level officials this November. These races include County Executive, Assessor-Treasurer, Sheriff and 4 County Council positions. This past week was the week to file for these offices.

For County Executive, the following four candidates filed to run:

Shawn Bunney (R)
Calvin Goings (D)
Mike Lonergan (Executive Excellence)
Pat McCarthy (D)

For the non-partisan position of Assessor-Treasurer, the following candidates filed to run:

Beverly Davidson
Barbara Gelman
Terry Lee
Jan Shabro
Bernando Tuma
Dale Washam

For the non-partisan position of Sheriff, the following candidates filed:

Jesse Hill
R.P. Kollu
Paul Pastor

For County Council, District #2, the following candidates filed:

Joyce McDonald (R)
Carolyn Merrival (D)
Al Rose (D)

For County Council, District #3, the following candidates filed:

Roger Bush (R)
Bruce Lachney (D)

For County Council, District #4, the following candidates filed:

Tim Farrell (D)
Ken Paulson (I)

For County Council, District #6, the following candidates filed:

Dick Muri (R)
Vincent Stewart (D)

Editor's Note: We believe that the Jesse Hill running for Sheriff is actually the person better known as Robert Hill. It is possible that he may be ruled out of the race.

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At 3:58 PM, Anonymous mark s said...

Interesting that you mention Robert Hill, who solicited money by mailing recently telling everyone he was running for Dist 27 legislative seat held by Jeannie Darnielle. Typical craziness.

At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Hill, Jesse said...

This is Jesse Hill speaking, here, on October Thirteenth, A.D. 2008.

I obtained a Certificate and Order from a Superior Court of Washington judge re-instating my voting rights; the day before I was served with a lawsuit to challenge my candidacy, I got re-registered to vote...on Monday, July 21st. Although I entered what's called a "Special Appearance" notice with the court within the 15-days requirement, I have not been sent a notice of hearing being docketed on the calendar. This is because I have made the case moot. I am a viable candidate and am listed in the Voters' Pamphlet and Tacoma News Tribune's voter's guide.

Having been a former board member of the ACLU of the Pierce county chapter, I am proud to have been assisted by a number of staff and volunteers in the state office (in Seattle) in helping me through this process-- and preserving my ability to be on the ballot this November, and being a True Choice for Voters, in the General Election.

I continue to be present at Tacoma City Council and Pierce County Council meetings at 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock on Tuesday afternoons.

For a copy of my 15-point Platform, call 253+777+4232. Or write to me at 6824 Nineteenth Street, University Place, Wash., U.S.A.

--Pierce county, Washington, U.S.A.--


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