Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tim Farrell endorses Goings, McCarthy and Lonergan

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Pierce County Councilmember Tim Farrell (D) has taken time out from his re-election campaign against Ken Paulson (I) to endorse Calvin Goings (D) as his first choice, Pat McCarthy (D) as his second choice and Mike Lonergan (EE) as his third choice in the County Executive race. Farrell is shown in the picture waving yard signs from all three choices.

Farrell notes that he has enjoyed working with Goings on the County Council and looks forward to working with him as County Executive. Farrell's endorsements are in line with the "One, Two, Blue" video put out by the Pierce County Democratic Party.

Farrell encourages all voters to list all of their choices. In the heavily contested County Executive race, no candidates is likely to received a majority of first choices, so second and third choices are likely to decide the race.



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