Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer race too close to call

The Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer race is far too close to call at this point. Dale Washam has a small lead in first choices, but has only 24.67% of the first choices. Barbara Gelman has a very small lead over Washam, Jan Shabro and Terry Lee after a preliminary run of the Ranked Choice Voting allocation of second and third choices.

Due to the large number of votes yet to be counted, any one of these four candidates could still win this race. The allocation of second and third choices will be crucial in this race. The next tabulation of second and third choices will be on Friday afternoon. We expect this race to be too close to call until at least that point.



At 12:35 AM, Anonymous Joseph Lonergan said...

While the preliminary numbers are just that and there are a lot of votes to be counted, I saw an interesting thing here. After the reallocation of votes (Dropping Tuma and Davidson), the percentages got very close. Next to go was Lee, but not by much. Here is the question I asked Pat McCarthy during the candidates night at the Auditor's office: "I know there are automatic machine recounts triggered when the top two candidates for a seat are within 1/2 percent, are there any such provisions for determining who gets dropped out?" If there was such a provision, this would trigger it. I suppose it could make a difference. If Shabro's voters chose Lee next, it could keep him in past Gelman and even allow him to win the election depending on where Gelman's votes would go.

By the way, there is no such provision. The only recount that would happen is one that was triggered by the state law saying that the top two have to be in 1/2 a percent or something driven by a lawsuit from a candidate or party (since this is non-partisan, the parties aren't likely to take up the cause here).


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